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Two words … People and Business. The Business Equation is the balance of these two constituencies.

We Help Your Business

Market Side

Businesses market and sell to customers, and those customers are people. There is much media dialogue about customer experience, customer engagement, machine learning, big data … bottom line – your customers are people – and should be treated with respect. We can help you work out how best to engage so that we all benefit. [Tell Me More]

Supply Side

All businesses buy from other business. Maybe you subcontract other companies, contract for temporary staff – and you certainly employ staff – which is again a commercial agreement to buy skills and time from an individual in return for value delivered.

Meanwhile in the rush to focus on core business, outsourcing, offshoring, virtualization of the workforce as taken off at an unprecedented rate, resulting in massive fractalization of the supply chain. [Tell Me More]

We Help People

Supply Side

Whether you are a staff member in a business, a contractor, a temp, part of the gig economy … we know you are reading about what a lot of the media and business talks about as the Future Present of Work and wondering how it might impact you. We can help you.

Market Side

But have you thought about the other side of the equation? The one where business for years has had software systems to manage their communication with you … but so far, there is no system that allows you to manage them?

Turns out there is an app for that … well hundreds as it turns out, and we want to tell you all about them. The emergent thinking is arriving fast and furious – and it is well thought through because there are a lot of people who have been working on this issue for years. Everything is now being accelerated by new laws in Europe such as GDPR (to be enforced from May 25, 2018). These changes are coming and we can help you navigate the waters.

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