What We Do

People First is focused on two constituencies: people and organizations and two contexts: the marketplace and the supply chain.

We describe the reason for this perspective in our Mission, Vision and Values. It outlines why we do what we do and the emerging topics we get excited about, write about, and promote.

The Future Present of Work

The Future of Work is all around us, but the phrase suggests that we can handle it tomorrow. We can’t. That’s why we talk about The Present of Work, preferring to focus on the pressing and urgent issues of today. We believe that a good future is important for all, but that future is at risk if we don’t take care of one another now. The present has an immediate effect on all people.

People, Business, Balanced

You can be forgiven for thinking that people are here to serve corporations. “We the people” do their bidding, respond to advertisements, and hand over our data. When we knowingly give permission on a website to be tracked, our personal information is stored in a database for sale to advertisers or worse, to brokers who sell our information again and again to their clients.

People First is here to help corporations understand that the outcomes they are driving towards can be achieved ethically and with better RoI when they put people first. We do this by engaging with both constituents of the Business Equation: People and organizations, revealing how balance can be brought to how we live, work and play.

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