Geoff Moore

People First is delighted to share work that is relevant to our initiatives. Geoffrey Moore is an author, speaker and management strategy advisor. His work has influenced the careers of many of us at People First and we are excited he granted us permission to share this particular article.

In this third article, Geoff touches on something that caught our eye. Things change. Fast. The line that says it all: “To quote a hopefully soon-to-be would be candidate for president, Silicon Valley’s version of the innovation game is rigged!” (Doesn’t that seem to be such a long time ago?). Every day we see that institutions we thought were one thing are now under attack. Silicon Valley is no different. It’s a struggle for us to make sense of it all. Thus we would argue that it might well be the exception …. but it definitely not the only way to solve the problem.

This article on innovation was published on LinkedIn, October 31, 2016.

There is a cottage industry in conducting executive tours of Silicon Valley, and now increasingly San Francisco SOMA, to expose teams from other parts of the planet to what is admittedly a uniquely successful culture of innovation and wealth creation. I’m all for it up to a point. Where I part company from the herd is with the notion that global corporations have a chance in hell of playing the same game. They don’t. Here’s why.

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