Counting both noun and verb forms, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) lists and defines thirteen separate ‘gigs’.  ‘A flighty, giddy girl’ was where it all started and then ‘spin’, ‘whirl’, ‘whirligig’, ‘fool’, giggle and ‘joke’ are all in one way or associated with the word. Even when you get up to the 18th century where […]

Delighted to report that this one – FINALLY – hit a chord. Not just a small chord – put a very large sonorous one. Ok – some of the chords were – well – dischordant … if you will pardon the extension of the musical metaphor. But really – isn’t that what it is all […]

A Ted Talk from Nick Hanauer – rebel VC … if that isn’t an oxymoron! Interesting that he concludes his talk with 5 rules of thumb behind ‘the new economics’ that answers the question. Intersting because all 5 are some of the building bricks (tenets) of the Pillars of the People First Business Equaiton. Read […]