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Phrases like ‘Data Protection’, ‘Big Data’, ‘Anonymized Data’, ‘Data Ownership’, ‘Data Protection’, ‘Metadata’, ‘Data Security’ have crept into our daily lives seemingly overnight. I’m old enough to remember when ‘data centres’ were those big windowless things in the middle of industrial parks that ‘other people’ dealt with. Today, it’s everywhere and it is crucial for everyone to at least know something about what it is, what it means and why it is important.

The point of the book is to help you understand how to get a better handle on data;

  • yours and others
  • private and public
  • personal and social
  • first, second and third parties

and and and …

With that understanding, maybe we can then all work towards turning the tables and start to use data as a tool for ‘empowerment’, not subjugation. That we think about dataProtect it even. Rather than blithely and unconsciously allowing corporations and business to take it, without so much as a ‘by-your- leave’ – much less permission!

In this short book in simple easily digestible language, we open the discussion on the importance of data. This is not the end and indeed is just an opener to a new book which shines a light on data and the broader topic that we call ‘The Business Equation‘.

We hope it will provide you with a new way of thinking about what it is – which in turn allows us to explore how we the people can take back control of our data.


This is just a sample, you will need to download the whole book if you want to read it in its entirety.