It Just Got Personal – The Music

You can read the story to date through these links;
Part One : ‘The Dream’
Part Two : ‘The Calls’
Part Three : ‘The Journey’
Part Four : ‘The Organization’

If you knew him, you know he loved music. Classical, Jazz and ‘Swing/Big Band’ being his favorites. So I chose one piece out of each of those categories for the day. Each one features an artist he loved and at the same time reflects his personality.

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It Just Got Personal – The Organization

You can read the story to date through these links;
Part One : ‘The Dream’
Part Two : ‘The Calls’
Part Three : ‘The Journey’

My mind was pretty clear as to how to organize the funeral. He was to be cremated. We would have a small service in the local church where he had lived. The service would be conducted by one of his friends in the village who was ‘a man of the cloth’. Afterwards, we would have a reception for all in a small hotel – just opposite. One of his favorite places.

In my mind, we should have been able to make it happen the following week.

But of course. It was Christmas. And that was just the start.

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It Just Got Personal – The Journey

You can read the story to date through these links;
Part One : ‘The Dream’
Part Two : ‘The Calls’

Time to get on a plane. Well, actually a plane, a couple of trains and a few automobiles.

On a trip like this, I usually book ahead. But not really possible. A few hours ahead isn’t really ‘ahead’.

I packed as I booked the plane.

I decided to hold off on trains – electing to sort it out when I got to the station – and then just get the ‘next one’.

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People: Benjamin

Stood to the side of the road, walking stick supporting him. Well kept. Elegant even. Just standing. The traffic constantly passing him by. No slowing down, but then no attempt by him to get them to either.

I slowed down to let him cross. No movement.

I opened the window.

“Would you like a lift?”

“Thankyou.” he said. “Thankyou very much.”

Slowly walking towards the car, he gets in.

“Much appreciated.” he said. “I’m going to 4th street … is that ok?”

“No problem. Which cross street?”

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People: Jan

Jan knows the UK and lives in Texas now, but the journey from one to the other allowed her to see the rest of the world.

She lived in Mildenhall. I’d heard of it. Used to live near there myself.

She joined the USAF to get trained, qualified and see a world ‘outside of the 50’. She left after just three years because she met and fell in love with the man who became her husband (best-laid plans and all that!). Training and Qualifications put on hold, but still traveled and saw the world. After all – her husband was still in the forces.

Now she is an antique dealer and her husband works at the nearby USAF facility. Well not just the USAF, turns out it is the only joint USAF and NATO training facility in the world.

Who knew?

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People: Alex

“I spent the day with my dog.”

“What kind of dog is it?”

“A Boston Terrier.”

“Oh wow, do you have pictures?”

“I did, but I lost my camera and so all my pictures.”

“Oh no, you know these days it’s so easy to keep your photos backed up in the cloud, so you’ll never lose them.”

“I know. I have Google storage and Verizon cloud, but I just never get round to doing it, because it isn’t important.”

“Well maybe you will now.”

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Winner Of The The Nobel Peace Prize

Unless you track it, this kind of news can scoot past you before you even realize what is going on.

The 2018 winner was just announced.

“The Nobel Peace Prize 2018 was awarded jointly to Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad “for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict.”

Read All About It.

It’s extraordinary how people contribute to society for the better good, and you think – what can I do to be more like them?

Which reminded me of last year.

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People: Nenah

I worked in San Diego in those days. Everybody around me was promising the world and just doing it what it took. Nobody was asking questions. It was crazy. I held to my truth. But I was the only one that did. But it still all blew up.

That was ten years ago. Now I am here, for me, nothing has changed. I work hard. I reap my rewards.

I love Commercial Banking. It is what I do. All of it.

I find the deals. I work the deals. I close the deals.

I never let go of my core principles.

I didn’t react.

Our truths are our lives. Those truths can do move.

No legacy is so rich as honesty.

William Shakespeare