In the spirit of the Indie Web Community, a little history to this site, what we are doing on it right now and a guide to its direction.

The site was registered on July 21, 2015 and we started thinking.

It finally launched as a full web site in time for the 25th Session of The Internet Identity Workshop – where we soft launched People First.

Feedback and redirection followed that and the site went quiet until March, 2018.

On May 20th, 2018 we launched the People First series ‘Travels Without Charley‘ which is also syndicated to BizCatalyst360.

Autumn 2018 the site dropped back to a blog only presence, while we conducted more research and as of June 2019, we started the rebuild again.

The framework is in place and over the next month will be

  • Building up the Glossary
  • Introducing some of the Models that have emerged from our Frameworks
  • Adding a few key pages to highlight the core of our thinking.
  • All of this is in support of a new book that we will be publishing – more on that as we get nearer the time.

Our Blog is once more very active and we have a weekly Newsletter that explores the issues that we continue to identify as we work towards providing a guide to People for life in an increasingly Corporate Centric world.