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Like ‘life’, this site is a journey. We are currently in rebuild mode, but we decided to take the advice of Voltaire. Or was it Confucius. NO – Shakespeare … well whoever it was, we decided to ‘not let perfection get in the way of progress’. Welcome to out WIP. The structure of the site is pretty much in place and we are now building out the information we want to share and detailing out the many resources that support the site. Behind the scenes we also have a couple of experiments going on with AI to help us bubble up important information to the site and to you – our reader. More on that as we feel better about the results.

First and foremost, this is not a political site. At least, not in a ‘Cap-P’ kind of way. Yes we will touch on the topic from time to time, but our key focus is the re-empowerment of people, with a strong slant towards the role of people in a ‘corporate first’ society.

People First is hell-bent on working with and helping people and organizations shape their thinking and actions, to ensure that People come First.

Businesses and Institutions engage People First to help develop processes and shape organizational thinking to ensure people really are first in a company’s supply chain, community, and market.

People of course,

  • read our blog and newsletter
  • will listen to our podcast when we launch this Summer
  • will attend our workshops and seminars next year

… all so that they might better understand what they can do to ‘level the playing field’ in a ‘corporate first world’. Our thinking prepares them to engage organizations in the workplace as employees and customers in the emerging ‘intention economy‘.

You can engage with People First on your terms through any of these services.

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