It Just Got Personal – The Organization

This is part four of my story. You might want to read;
Part One : ‘The Dream’
Part Two : ‘The Calls’
Part Three : ‘The Journey’
before reading on.

My mind was pretty clear as to how to organize the funeral. He was to be cremated. We would have a small service in the local church where he had lived. The service would be conducted by one of his friends in the village who was ‘a man of the cloth’. Afterwards, we would have a reception for all in a small hotel – just opposite. One of his favorite places.

In my mind, we should have been able to make it happen the following week.

But of course. It was Christmas. And that was just the start.

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It Just Got Personal – The Journey

This is part three of my story. You might want to read Part One : ‘The Dream’ and Part Two : ‘The Calls’ before reading on.

Time to get on a plane. Well, actually a plane, a couple of trains and a few automobiles.

On a trip like this, I usually book ahead. But not really possible. A few hours ahead isn’t really ‘ahead’.

I packed as I booked the plane.

I decided to hold off on trains – electing to sort it out when I got to the station – and then just get the ‘next one’.

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